pannier homard
A chef's tour of the fish market

You’ll enjoy European and Pacific oysters, with their salty tang of the sea, local scallops, fish from the Bay landed fresh daily at the harbour at La Houle, the celebrated cuisine of its chefs – an invitation to discover the rich flavours of sea and land – perfectly in tune with the rhythm of the tides.

Try post-grown mussels, the only seafood to have its own "Protected Designation of Origin". Or "pieds de cheval" (large flat oysters), Belon oysters, clams, edible crabs, spider crabs, whelks, shrimps, prawns, winkles and of course, the famous Breton lobsters.

You have a wide choice of restaurants: traditional, gourmet, highly rated by the best guides, others offering typical local dishes like seafood platters, and superb crêperies…

If you love good food, a visit to Cancale provides an opportunity to encounter the work of celebrated chefs whose passion has made our town "a remarkable taste experience".